“Lauren has been my Teaching and Learning Coach (TLC) while she has been here at Kaneland High School.  She has been a fantastic resource for my colleagues and I in our areas of expertise, however, Lauren has also been a great team member who does much more than just help us in the classroom.

This past year I was looking for a new way to introduce a large group project.  Lauren offered her guidance and support throughout. She helped me to see the benefits to allowing students to be in control and she encouraged me to keep going in the planning process, even when I was not confident it would be successful.  After working with me throughout I can say without hesitation that she helped make my lessons better and the class more interactive and enjoyable for the students.

Additionally, Lauren has become a good friend and supporter to many here at Kaneland High School.  She always makes the time to help us improve and I have witnessed first hand her compassion and caring for those around her.  Ms. Vaclavik comes with my highest recommendation.”

Joe Conroy, CTE Teacher


“This year, I had one of my most difficult teaching experiences with my 3rd-hour class. The rude comments, general lack of motivation, and lack of respect among peers made for a really challenging class period. Lauren came into my room with many helpful structures and ideas that started turning the culture into a more positive one. We videotaped lessons, co-taught challenging concepts, and supported each student with a variety of techniques, and 3rd hour had so many positive shifts before the end of the year. On the days when it was still really difficult, I knew I could go talk to Lauren, and she would be comforting but honest about what I should try or change. Having such strong support and encouragement made all the difference for me, and I am so thankful for all of her hard work! She’s incredible, and any school district would be very lucky to have her.”

-Mallory Stoffregen, English Teacher


“Lauren has been a true blessing to work with this year as the IC for the World Languages Department.  Whenever I approached her about helping out in our department there was never even a slight hesitation to jump right in and lend a hand.  Her ability to look at an issue from all sides and assess the best way to approach it has been priceless. Even though she has never taught Spanish or French, she was able to give us ideas and tactics to use in our classes to make them more engaging for our students.”

Michelle Jurcenko, Spanish Teacher

― Testimonials