It was about seven years ago that my husband convinced me that it was going to be a good idea to forgo the all inclusive resort with the ocean view for a two week trip across the United States.  We were to start from our home in Yorkville, Illinois and end in Portland, Oregon two weeks later.  That was it.  That was the game plan.  A car was rented and a train ticket was purchased to get us back to Illinois.  I saw the trip ending in disaster.

I lived in the world of a high school English teacher.  Each lesson was carefully crafted to hit my learning targets and differentiate for the learners in my classroom.  I had plans, back up plans, and plans to back up back up plans.  I liked to think I was “free and easy” but the reality was that I was a planner.  And then we took this trip.  And it wasn’t a disaster, in fact it  was just the vacation I needed to begin to realize that knowing the destination is important, but embracing the journey and taking it all in may be just as significant.

I currently feel like I did the day we left for our cross country adventure, ready to head out on a trip with no locked in day-to-day plans but a clear target of where we were going to get to.  As I head into the world of consulting, I am excited to take this risk of going out on my own.  I know that I am doing something I am passionate about. I know I am doing something that will allow me to continue to grow and develop as a learner and as an educator.  I know that I can make a difference for districts, schools, teachers, and students.

I also know that I am feeling a bit nervous. I like to have a day to day plan.  I like to work within structures that I understand. I know the school system; I am learning about consulting.  I know that I have a lot of ideas, dreams, and aspirations that I am sharing with the world and trying to trust that I have the ability to see them to fruition. I know that my family is supporting me as I take this risk with my career and I don’t want to let them down.

I am going to embrace this journey.  I will learn and grow from it.  I will rise to new challenges. I will get the job done.


Travel Picture


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